Wednesday, 11 January 2012

From Russia, With Love

I’m currently listening to Arkona. I’ve started the poor habit of starting these posts with whatever-I-seem-to-be-listening-to; however it’s felt relevant – at least to the extent that this rambling blog actually has relevance. The esoteric Russian folk metal group remains one of the most passionate and powerful bands I’ve heard to date. Never mind the fact that the lead singer Maria (Masha Scream) Arhipova has a voice that could leave Catherine the Great quailing, and a pack of wolves suddenly seem impotent. The unique combination of folk and metal maintains the evanescence and power of each respectively. Yarilo is one of the few songs I could ever see myself dancing to. It shares this ignoble designation with Japan X’s Kurenai.

The mental images this conjures should involve long-legged spiders tap-dancing across a hot-plate. It shouldn’t be pretty.

On an unrelated note, I’ve almost reached a thousand page views. While I’m convinced that at least 50 of these are from when I tried to format the first entry, I’d like to thank the people that have clicked on this site, either mistakenly or intentionally. The few Russian views lead me to believe that ‘mistakenly’ might be more often than not, while the high number of American hits makes me confident that at least a few people are running proxies through a small flower shop in Phoenix.

For those interested, Google Chrome users far outweigh the lot, and 22 views have been from Android phones. The one view from a Samsung was likely by me, on an archaic flip-screen phone that rendered the page in tiny little vertical lines of text. It wasn’t repeated. On that phone related note, I’ll bring this to a close. For the couple of Russians, I’ll leave you with this:

Наказ писала, флоты жгла, 
И умерла, садясь на судно

"Decreed the orders, burned the fleets
And died sitting down on the toilet

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