Friday, 16 December 2011

Nothing good ever begins with an introduction.

I’ve decided to start a blog, if only to make the inevitable descent into holiday madness seem a little less monotonous.

Nothing good begins with an introduction, so here one begins: I’m a 19 year old economics student, pretending to speak different languages and read fancy books to pass the time. A hopeless romantic, although with far more emphasis on ‘hopeless’ rather than ‘romantic’. My favourite flower is cauliflower, though I’ve heard roses taste rather nice as well.

I haven’t decided what I should write here – or here – or even what I should blog about. I’d take photographs, but I’ve been advised on medical opinion that such as ‘retina-scaringly horrible’ actually exists. I’d likewise consider vapidly insidious and truly awful poetry, but small children in Africa have a sudden tendency to burst into flames whenever a single verse is read out.

I try to avoid such incidents wherever possible.

In any case, this will likely be used as a repository for the insipid detritus that keeps me from going insane during the holidays, and that no-one-will-read, regardless. This is my distraction, nothing more.

I wrote a wholly unsuccessful blog during high school. You can find it here if interested.

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