Sunday, 20 May 2012


A couple of days ago the door to my bathroom silently and irrevocably decided to become a wall. There was no warning, no creaky or groaning indication – in the night it was a welcoming portal to showery goodness, and in the morning it had seized up completely as if to say, “Hey, remember those communal bathrooms you’ve been assiduously avoiding since first year? Guess where you’ll be going for a while.” In the end, there was no fixing it – maintenance cut through the lock with a circular saw, covering the room with a fine layer of metallic dust, and turning my towel into a steel-shard encrusted piece of sandpaper. I’ve been drying myself with toilet paper.

I’ve decided to post a few of my writings from high school: partly because I was far better at writing back then, and partly because I am a very unproductive uni student and it allows me to procrastinate on what is already an ostensibly procrastinative blog. This will allow me to do all those things I don’t have time for and will never do anyway, like actually giving a textbook more than a precursory glance towards the shelf where it sits alone, dusty and dejected.
In this picture: books I never read 
and textbooks I'll never open again.
To the few that might be interested I hope you enjoy it. To the others that won’t, and who are currently wondering why they made that fatal error of clicking on this blog in the first place: my sincere condolences, may it fill you with the same feeling of joy and satisfaction that kicking a toe on the bedstead does early in the morning.

I’ll end this short entry by mentioning that a friend of mine has recently released a pop single on iTunes. As someone whose usual listening falls closer to progressive death metal and Finnish cello metal, I’ve listened to it several times already since downloading it yesterday: it’s an upbeat, catchy, and genuinely enjoyable release from a pair of ridiculously talented singers.

For the few that read this, and the infinitely rarer breed actually willing to take my music advice I recommend that you give it a listen: 'You and Me' by Ashmeko. 

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