Sunday, 1 April 2012


I should be studying.

Instead I’m perched on my bed listening to Nine Inch Nails, starting the first blog in a month to avoid admitting how very little I actually know about Economic Development. That’s right – this is procrastination, plain and simple. I’m currently far more concerned with the causes for my poverty than Causes of Poverty, which at this moment includes Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails.

I have green tea mochi. Microsoft tried to autocorrect that to mocha. I can’t imagine what green tea mocha would taste like, and it’s not an experiment I’m willing to try out, despite the bar of chocolate in my fridge advertised as having just a ‘Touch of Sea-salt’. There’s a limit to my madness, however I’d draw the line conservatively.

My innards are twisting themselves into new, unusual and frankly creative patterns in the concerted agreement that perhaps the chicken tikka wasn’t such an excellent idea.

I started procrastinating this optimistically described attempt at procrastination in a little over 3 paragraphs totalling far less than 200 words. I’d say that this speaks wonders for my knife-like focus and motivation. I am useless.

Here are some pictures of cats. I’ll trust that this makes up for it.

Not a cat. Dog-mop.

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